AirBnB Now Offers Luxury Properties Through AirBnB Luxe

When you ask people why they prefer AirBnB to the regular hotels, more often than not, you hear something along the lines of “it’s cheaper” or “you get more value by getting a much bigger property”. Either way, people usually get AirBnBs to save money and get more value. It’s interesting then, the way they are expanding. 

AirBnB Luxe

If you wanted to rent a property, but you have a more expensive taste, AirBnB is able to help you out. AirBnB has added luxury properties to their portfolio. These properties can range between $1,000 a day to 1,000,000 per week. The interesting thing is that the Luxe bookings come with a “trip designer” that can help you evaluate the property to ensure you are getting what you truly want.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a pretty neat thing for AirBnB to rent out. While obviously some of these properties can be very expensive, that’s the entire point of these properties. When someone is spending that much money, you really need to tailor the experiences to ensure that they get what they need, which I think is great that AirBnB is giving you a “trip designer” to help. 

Are you looking at any AirBnB Luxe properties? Let us know your experience with it the program if you have used it before!

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