AirBnB Providing Refunds for All Bookings

The biggest non-hotel, hotel is probably AirBnB. With many places closing down, and travel bans being put into place, it makes it really difficult to actually use some of the nights that you may have booked months in advance. AirBnB is making a pretty positive change to its terms.

The Changes

AirBnB is issuing refunds for all reservations with check in dates in between March 14th and April 14, 2020.

Final Thoughts

While I can see why people use AirBnB, and have used it in the past, I’ve just always preferred using hotels for the peace of mind. One of the biggest hurdles was their cancelation policy. Well, in a pretty surprising move, they are issuing refunds for an entire month. That may not cover everyone that may be impacted by the virus, it’s at least nice to see that we are getting some sort of recognition from the big boss. 

Have you been issued a refund from AirBnB? Share your experience with us down in the comment section below!

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