Alaska Airline Companion Pass Need to be Paid With Alaska Card After October 1st

The Alaska Airline credit card is one of the better deals in airline credit cards. It just offers a ton of benefits and very valuable points. That being said, there is a change coming to the card that may impact some people involving the companion pass. 

The Change

The Companion Pass that Alaska Airlines offers is $99 + taxes and fees for a round trip flight. Previously, you could use any credit card you want to pay for the $99 plus taxes and fees. For any companion fares issued after October 1st, Alaska will require you to pay for the companion fare with the Alaska Airline credit card. This means that if you were issued a companion fare on September 30th, you would still be able to use whichever credit card you wanted until next year. 

Final Thoughts

From Alaska Airlines’s point of view, I completely understand why they would make this change. From everyone else’s point of view, its an unfortunate devaluation. One of the best parts about using a premium travel credit card is that you may get some additional insurances. Granted, I think we’ll live.

Which credit card were you planning on using for your Alaska Airlines redemption? Let us know below!

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