Alaska Airlines Card Adds New Benefits

It’s no secret that out of all of the airline credit cards out there, Alaska is one of  my favorites. It just comes down to not only coming with a companion fare, or a free checked bag for up to six (6!) guests on the same itinerary, but just the points themselves are very valuable! If you’re savvy, you can get a ton of value with their transfer partners too! Anyway though, for new and existing card holders, Alaska is adding some new benefits. 

The New Benefits

While some airline credit cards are removing benefits, Alaska is adding some in:

  • -20% Discount on in-flight purchases 
  • -50% Lounge Day pass discount

Final Thoughts

While these added benefits may not make or break it if you are deciding on whether or not you should get this card, it certainly makes things better for those of you that already get value from the card or fly Alaska often. Certainly for me, they definitely makes the card more valuable.

What do you think of the added benefits on the Alaska card? Let us know below

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