All Kroger Stores Will Now Accept Visa

If I’m being honest here, this piece is a more self serving one. However, for those of you that have had to deal with Kroger, Smiths, or any other similar brand of stores banning the use of Visa credit cards, this is for you. For the better part of a year, Visa credit cards were banned in the Kroger family of stores. This was due to disagreements in the fees they were paying Visa, stating that Visa’s fees were unreasonably expensive, compared to everybody else. 

The Update

Lo and behold, they are now allowing you to use Visa cards again! If you go to the store that previously banned the Visa credit cards, you will see plastered all over that they accept Visa again. 

Final Thoughts

I’m curious if Kroger actually came to an agreement with Visa, or if they lost enough business for them to be forced into accepting it again. While I don’t normally use a Visa for grocery shopping (I personally use my Amex BCP, but the Gold is a good option too), the time that my local Smiths stopped accepting the card was a bad one. That was right around the time that the Chase Freedom was offering a 5% category for grocery shopping.

With this restriction gone, it’ll be nice to be able to use it for 5% again whenever Chase decides to offer that as a category again.

Are you excited about being able to use Visa cards again, or was this a non-issue for you? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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