Alliant Visa 2.5% Card Changes

When it came to cashback, Alliant was usually brought up when it came to those individuals that had a large amount of spend. While cards like the Citi Double Cash or the PayPal cards offer 2% cashback on all of your spend, Alliant can offer you more. For the first year, the Alliant card would offer you 3% back on all of your spending. After the first year, it only drops down to 2.5%, which is still more than the 2% cards. The only thing to keep in mind is the $99 annual fee on the card that is waived within the first year. 

In either case, we have some bad news on some changes coming to the Alliant credit card

The Changs

The first change that we are seeing on the card is that as of March 14, 2020, there will be a cap on the amount you can earn each month. The limit is still fairly high, though, at 10,000. 

The second change coming to the Alliant card is more directed at those of you out there that are only looking at this card for the short term. The sign up bonus of 3% for the first year is gone, and the card will only earn the standard 2.5%.

Final Thoughts 

For many, the Alliant credit card is the ultimate big spender catch all card that earns cash back. The problem comes into play when you consider that the annual fee means you’ll have to spend a total of $20,000+ over just a normal 2% card for it to be worth it. It would then make sense why Alliant targets this card to people that spend more than $50,000 on the card within a year. 

If you are not in that target demographic, I’m not really sure it’s worth it anymore. People complained in the past that the card didn’t have a sign up bonus – even though the sign up bonus was technically just an increase of 0.5% on all of your spending. With that feature removed, there’s really no incentive for you to sign up for this card other than the waived annual fee. 

As far as the other change, this sort of catch all type of card just begs to put manufactured spend on it. I think the limit makes sense, and if we’re being honest, is pretty high for all of your other spend that you would do in a month. That would be a total of $120,000 worth of spending within a single year. I just don’t see this as a big issue.

What do you think about the changes to the Alliant credit card? Do you plan to keep it? Are there any other cards that compete for your catch all spending? Let us know down in the comment section below! 

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