Ally Bank Credit Card Discontinued

Now a days, Ally bank is well known for their high interest rate earning bank account with an online focus. Being the 19th largest bank in the United States, it is much bigger than most would think. Back a few years ago though, Ally and TD bank created a partnership which launched a credit card. 

Ally Bank Credit Card Recap

The credit card that Ally and TD bank created was a pretty simple but effective one. The credit card offered 2% on gas and grocery shopping purchases, and 1% everywhere else. There was also a sign up bonus of $10. 

The Change

The partnership between both banks as ended, and thus, they are no longer accepting new sign ups for this card. If you already happen to have the card, you can still continue to use the card and earn points. Though, I wouldn’t expect TD bank to keep the card open forever. 

Final Thoughts

If we are being honest, this card wasn’t the best one out there. Even the American Express Blue Cash offered a better deal with gas and grocery store purchases without the requirement of having an Ally account. For those of you out there that still have the card, you can still use it for the time being and earn points. I just hope that Ally comes out and offered a better credit card after this one is closed. 

What did you think about this card being closed? Do you think Ally will come out with a different credit card? Let us know below. 

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