Amazon and Synchrony Issue a Secured Amazon Card

Amazon has no shortage of credit cards, issued from a ton of different credit card companies. To be honest with you, I don’t know how they think of more potential cards to issue, but they have done it again! Amazon and Synchrony have partnered up to create another Amazon credit card.

Card Summary

The card will be called the Amazon Credit Builder. It’s actually a secured credit card with no annual fee or application fee. Your credit limit is based on how much you put down as a deposit. 

There is a sign up bonus of $10 Amazon gift card after opening the account. Something interesting about a secured card is that card holders can earn reward points. If the card holder has Amazon Prime, they will be able to earn 5% back on Amazon purchases. 

There is also some financing options available on the card broken down below:

  • $149+: 6 months 
  • $599+: 12 months
  • Select Amazon Items: 24 months

One final consideration about this card is the graduation of the secured card. If you present on time payments, eventually you’ll be able to upgrade. If you apply for the unsecured card, and you get denied, you’ll have the option to get this Synchrony. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone is trying to get a share of the Amazon credit card pie. Synchrony was able to (pun intended) secure a credit card with them! It happens to be a secured credit card, but hey, I’m sure there are plenty of people that will jump on the ability to get this card. 

Usually secured cards don’t come with any benefits and annual fees, so having the ability to earn rewards at Amazon and not having to pay an annual fee can be a life saver for some people. That being said, people in that situation may also want to consider a card from Discover instead. 

What do you think about the secured Amazon card from Synchrony? Let us know below!

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