Amazon Cracking Down on Excess Reloads of Small Amounts

Some credit card, and even debit cards out there offer an incentive to make a certain number of transactions every month. One of the best examples of this is the American Express Everyday Preferred, giving you a 50% bonus on all of the points you’ve earned in the statement if you make more than 30 transactions. While there are some sneaky ways to boost those numbers, such as splitting up your grocery store haul into separate transactions, another popular way is through Amazon. Amazon allows you to reload small amounts, with a minimum of $0.50 into your accounts. You could probably see that doing 30 of these reloads per month and you would be set. 

The Change

Amazon doesn’t really like this sort of thing, and frankly it looks a little suspicious if you tend to make a ton of these incrementally small transactions every month. While it makes sense to you or me why you would want to do this, lets remember that most people aren’t in the credit card game, and this kind of activity triggers questions. Is this person committing fraud? Is there some sort of automation being done? What is with these small reloads many times per month?

As far as Amazon is concerned, this looks a little bit like automation, especially if the transaction amount is the same, and it happens many times per month. This repetition is causing some users to have their transactions blocked by Amazon. Luckily, as far as we know, nobody has gotten their account frozen, it still should be a little bit of a warning. 

Final Thoughts

While I certainly understand why someone would do many small transactions per month on a card like the Amex Everyday Preferred, it may not be so clear to others out there, especially when we are talking about a computer program. The simple truth is doing that isn’t normal human behavior, which is why these sort of transactions may start getting blocked. 

That being said, it may be possible to get around this if you either increase the amount of the transactions, or at the very least, mix up the amounts that are being spent per transaction. Still, it may be worth doing other tricks if you need to meet minimum monthly transactions, such as the self check out trick, or just spreading across transactions over multiple days. 

Have your transactions gotten blocked by Amazon? Have you gotten around them? Let us know below!

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