Amazon Prime to Move to 1 Day Shipping

While Amazon Prime comes with a lot of other features, one of the biggest reasons people say they pay for Amazon Prime is the two day shipping on many items from Amazon. The thing is, Amazon Prime has increased their price to $130 from $100 a year, and when you think about it, if that’s the only reason you have prime, it could get expensive if you aren’t buying too much from there. 

Other companies such as Walmart has moved to offer 2 day shipping on its items to compete its Amazon, however, their advantage is that they do not charge customers a yearly fee like Amazon does. Amazon is aware of this, and is now pushing to offer 1 day shipping on its items.

While there is no official start date, we are aware that Amazon will spend $800 million in order to improve its infrastructure to make this possible. This change I think can justify the annual fee, as one day shipping isn’t too cheap.

Are you excited for this push to 1 day shipping? Let’s hope they do not charge an increased annual fee for this! Let us know below!

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