American Airline is Removing Award Charts, Will Switch to Dynamic Pricing

Recently both Delta and United Airlines have switched over from an Award Chart over to Dynamic Pricing. This is bad news, not only because it makes it harder to accurately plan trip costs, but it also removes accountability to keep prices reasonable as it gets rid of transparency when it comes to award bookings.

The Changes

As it turns out, American Airlines is following United and Delta when it comes to these changes. While there isn’t an announcement date for when this will go live, it is definitely coming in the future. 

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, many airlines are moving from a fixed award chart to dynamic pricing. I don’t like these changes because it makes it less clear as to the price of tickets. With an award chart you know exactly how many points you need to earn before you plan your trip, however with dynamic pricing, they could in theory charge whatever they want. 

If you are planning on spending points on American Airlines soon, before the change goes live you may want to spend them, as you’ll probably get a better deal!

What do you think of Dynamic Pricing? Do you actively try to avoid those airlines or just fly them anyway? Let us know below!

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