American Airlines Changes Oversized Baggage Rules

Have you ever traveled with some oversized sporting equipment, such as a surfboard and skis? What about a musical instrument? Have you ever lamented at the huge fee you had to pay when doing so? Traveling for you might get a little bit cheaper, with American Airline’s New policy!

The News

According to American Airlines, both sporting equipment and musical instruments will no longer carry a $150 oversized luggage fee! The way it works is they will no longer charge the fee, however it will count towards your baggage allowance. The other thing to keep in mind is that some things will still require special handling, and will require the $150 fee such as hang gliders and scuba tanks. 

Final Thoughts

While I’m more of a carry on sort of traveler, I’m sure it’s nice for those of you out there that travel with very awkwardly shaped things such as sporting equipment or even a musical instrument. With this change, you will no longer have to pay $150 fee to fly with these items. That being said, you still might incur some other fee, as the oversized luggage will now count toward your baggage allowance. 

Does this change make you want to fly your oversized items on American Airlines? Let us know which airline you use below!

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