American Airlines Cracking Down on Credit Card Reward Abuse

American Airlines seems to be taking some pretty serious action on anyone they deem may be abusing their credit cards and point programs. While we don’t know exactly with 100% certainty what is triggering these actions, we do have a pretty good idea of what you can avoid doing to keep your account safe.

The Crackdown

The AA program is a little confusing due to them having cards that are serviced by both Barclays and Citi. Both issuers have rules with AA that limits the amount of cards that you can obtain within a certain amount of time. The problem comes in the form of physical mailers. It looks like people that would be at the maximum limit would use physical mailers in a few different ways. Either they would use them themselves to get past the limit, or create a fake account using the code with the mailer. Because AA thinks there are too many cards within a short amount of time, they are taking actions against these accounts themselves.

Instead of just draining the account of these excessive points like American Express would probably do, they are just straight closing the accounts. Unfortunately for some, there have been reports of people having their accounts closed in the middle of a trip. The closures are coming in pretty slow, slow it looks like the accounts are being manually reviewed. 

Final Thoughts

I’m kind of torn on this. If someone happened to be at their limit, but received a mailer, and applied and gotten approved, I think they did no wrong. While many of us here in the credit card game happen to know the exact intricacies of limits, I don’t think most people do. Why would a mailer be against the rules? They targeted that specific person for a specific reason, so what’s wrong with that.

However, that is completely different than someone who went out of their way to acquire multiple mailers, and went through the trouble of making fake accounts. They knew exactly what they were doing, and lets be honest, they are definitely guilty. It sucks for people that are stuck in the middle of a trip with potentially no ticket, but if that person was doing this, then I can’t help but not feel that bad. 

Has your account been closed by AA? What kind of actions have you taken that you think led to that closure? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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