American Express Adds Another Transfer Partner – Quantas

When it comes to credit cards, there’s really only one way to get the most value out of the points you earn, and that is by transferring those points out to transfer partners. Out of the big credit card issuers out there, American Express seems to be doing the best job at offering transfer partners, and now, they have added their 22nd partner. 

The New Transfer Partner

Who did American Express chose to be its 22nd transfer partner? Why, none other than Quantas Airlines! Quantas is the biggest airline carrier in Australia, and they are part of the OneWorld Alliance which includes others such as AA, British Airways, and even Cathay Pacific. The points transfer at a 1:1 rate, meaning that 1,000 American Express Membership rewards will transfer to 1,000 points at Quantas. 

Final Thoughts

To me, the most shocking part of this announcement was that there really wasn’t much of an announcement in itself. Maybe American Express has just gotten lazy, or maybe its because they previously had 21 other transfer partners and they’re just getting tired of announcing them! 

All kidding aside, this is great news for anyone invested in the American Express system of credit cards and their Membership Reward points. It’s nice to have more options when it comes time to redeem points. Even better, the transfer rate is 1:1, so you don’t need to earn an exorbitant amount of points to make your trip happen.

Is traveling to Australia on Membership Reward Points in your future? Let us know below!

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