American Express Also Clawing Back Delta and Marriott Points From Grocery Promotion

Yesterday we wrote about some people having their points clawed back form the Hilton Aspire promotion that gave its cardholders the opportunity to earn 12x points at grocery stores. Unfortunately, the bad news doesn’t end at Hilton. It seems there are two others cobranded accounts that are also experiencing the same sort of clawbacks.

The News

In addition to the Hilton Aspire card offering 12x points, cards from Delta and Marriott were also offering the same sort of increased grocery spend. Delta was offering 4x points and Marriott was offering 6x for spend at grocery stores. 

Final Thoughts

Without official confirmation, I would wager that these clawbacks are related to gift card spending. It’s hard to say how many gift card purchases would trigger a clawback. If someone legitimately needs to buy a gift card or two, that seems like a reasonable thing. If that same person would get all of their additional points clawed back because of that, I think that’s pretty ridiculous.

If American Express is only targeting those that are very obviously abusing the system, then I have no issue with that. Those people that are manufactured spending are more intelligent than the average consumer. However, not smart enough, because they should know by now the risks associated with doing this on American Express cards. If they didn’t expect to get their points clawed back, then they haven’t been paying enough attention.  

Have your points been clawed back by anything other than gift card purchases? How many did it take for you to be shut down? Let us know your experience by commenting below. It would help the community as a whole if you did!

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