American Express Ameriprise Platinum Discontinued – Visa Now

When it comes to American Express, their most popular credit card has to be the Platinum card. It’s their most expensive annual fee card that most people can actually get. Different companies out there even have their own version of it, with additional perks that are curated to them. There’s some interesting news in the way of the Ameriprise Platinum card.

The News

Ameriprise has been bought out by American Family, and it looks like they made some changes. The Ameriprise Platinum is no longer available to new applications. With American Express lately, that means a refresh is coming. However, it doesn’t look like that is the case this time. If you head over to Ameriprise’s website, you’ll see they have actually switched over to a Visa credit card.  

The New Ameriprise Premier Card has a $150 annual fee and earns 1.5% back on all purchases. If you redeem your cashback into Ameriprise accounts, you would get a 25% bonus, putting the total at 1.875%. 

Final Thoughts

The absolute best part about the different platinum cards from American Express is that they all count as a separate product. That means if we consider the once in a lifetime rule, we would be able to get the sign up bonus on the original platinum card, plus the different versions of the platinum as well.

In Ameriprise’s case, the great benefit it had was the ability to waive the annual fee within the first year. That deal was a no brainer! Unfortunately though, it looks like this card is dead, as they’ve switched over to Visa. The new card doesn’t look all that great, as there are plenty of 2% credit cards out there. 

Are you sad to see the Ameriprise Platinum go? Let us know how you feel down in the comment section below. 

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