American Express Blue Cash Preferred Referral Offers

With the recent revamp of the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card, American Express is offering an increased referral bonus for the card. This of course not only benefits the person that applies for the card, but also the person that referred in the first place. 

The Offer

Until June 26th, 2019, there is an increased offer for referrals to the Blue Cash Preferred card. For those that are looking to refer, you can log into your American Express account. For there, you can refer someone to the card. If you do end up referring someone, you can earn $100 per person, with a yearly maximum of $550. For the person signing up for the card, if they spend $1000 within the first three months, they could earn $300. 

Recap of the Blue Cash Preferred

With the revamp of the card, there are some new changes that you need to be aware of, this is more so in the newly added reward category. Cardholders can earn:

  • 6x on Grocery Stores and streaming services
  • 3x on Gas and transit
  • 1x Everywhere else

Other than that, the standard sign up bonus ranges anywhere between $150-250. 

Final Thoughts

The changes to the card are pretty interesting indeed, and it looks like American Express is making it easier for those that are interested in the card. If you are able to sign up for this card using this offer, you are getting one of the highest bonuses that we’ve seen on this card! 

What do you think of the new categories on the BCP? Is this increased offer tempting you to sign up for the card? Let us know below!

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