American Express Business Green Card New Sign Up Bonus

With news of American Express wanting to revamp the Green card, it makes sense that they would also look into changing up the Business version of the Green card. While it doesn’t look like they are completely redesigning it (as of yet anyway), we are seeing a new sign up bonus. 

The New Bonus

The bonus on the business Green card has been increased to the following:

Earn 3x on combined purchases at U.S. Restaurants, hotel stays booked directly, and airfare purchased directly. There is a limit of 3 months in order to do so, and there is a $50,000 limit for the 3x rate.

In addition, the offer is only available until November 6th, 2019.   

Credit Card Summary

There is a $95 annual fee which is not waived in the first year. For that fee, cardholders can earn 2x back on amextravel, and 1x for every other purchase. Finally, the Business Green also comes with a foreign transaction fee. 

Final Thoughts

The entire reason why American Express was revamping the Green card is because the card itself is pretty useless. It has an annual fee of $95 which is a slap in the face for the rewards you get. It doesn’t get much better on the business Green, with the same annual fee and reward categories. 

It’s cool to see that American Express is giving some attention to the Green card, but I just don’t think it’s all that great. I hope this is no indicative of how the personal Green card is getting revamped because I’d be pretty disappointed. The increased sign up bonus is cool and all, but I have a problem with it. Many cards out there earn more points in these categories, so why is this a sign up bonus, and not just a permanent change to card? Also, when you look closely at the offer itself, why is there a limit of 50,000 if it’s already being limited by a 3 month time limit? This whole offer seems pretty weird to me. I personally wouldn’t really recommend applying to the Green or Business Green card directly, but I would save it for a downgrade path if you absolutely need to get rid of the Platinum or Gold cards. At least that way you wont ruin any history on your credit report.

What do you think about this offer? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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