American Express Buys Resy

American Express has been making some moves that have made me really curious. Not too long ago they acquired Loungebuddy. While it may or may not be connected, a few months after that acquisition, they decided to remove the ability to go priority pass restaurants

The Acquisition of Resy 

Now, we are seeing American Express buying Resy. Resy is a restaurant reservation system, similar to opentable. They are partnerered with over 4,000 restaurants worldwide. 

Final Thoughts

Every time American Express buys a company it gets me curious. As I said before, while it may or not be connected, not too long after buying Loungebuddy, they removed the ability to go to Priority Pass Restaurants. It may be a similar story with the acquisition of Resy.

Not too long ago, American Express released its own set of reservation system for the Platinum and Centurion cards. Are they just expanding that feature? Or is there something else going on? I guess that is just something American Express knows and for us to wait and see.

What do you think American Express is up to? Let us know your ideas below!

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