American Express Centurion Lounge Restriction Clarification

When it comes to traveling as/with a credit card enthusiast, it seems like all they go off about is the airport lounges. Or how they have to fly to/from a specific airport because it has a better lounge than another one. Insanity!

But the sad reality is that with each coming day, it’s getter hard to get a great lounge experience, and overcrowding is to blame. Naturally, the best way to combat the overcrowding is through restrictions. 

The News

While restrictions on the Centurion Lounges are nothing new, there is some interesting development with one of the restrictions. The restriction in question has to do with the entry time. The rule stats that you are not allowed into the lounge unless you have a boarding pass for a flight that leaves within 3 hours. If your flight leaves in 4 hours, you wouldn’t be allowed in yet. 

It looks like that rule may have a new twist on it, and that twist has to do with layovers. Apparently, if you are at the airport for a layover, there is no restriction to entry. Instead, this restriction only applies to you if this was the first leg of your journey. 

Final Thoughts

Actually, this is a pretty interesting one. On one hand, I don’t think this change will do much to alleviate the congestion problem. How many people show up more than 3 hours before their flight? 3 hours is just such a sweet spot when you have lounge access. However, with layovers, this is truly great. 

Again, how many people show up to a lounge more than 3 hours before their flight, if they aren’t in the middle of a layover? Probably not too many. Still, even if it wont do much to reduce congestion, it’ll help travels get some peace of mind…and maybe even a shower as well? 

What do you think about these developments? Will this help overcrowding at all?? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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