American Express Clawbacks on Self Referrals

When it comes to applying for American Express cards, it is crucial to apply for the highest sign up bonus that you can for a select card. This is due to their one in a lifetime rule on sign up bonuses. Additionally, American Express allows you to refer any American Express card when you offer a referral to someone else. Typically speaking, those referrals offer a higher sign up bonus than the public offering.

The News

It’s no surprise then, that many people would look for referrals with higher than normal public offerings. What’s unusual, was that it as possible to refer yourself to another American Express card. This has been going on for a very long time, but I could never recommend doing so with the way American Express’ RAT team has been going. 

Well, it looks like American Express has finally caught on, and is now taking action against those accounts that have applied for a card using a self referral link. Thankfully it looks like nobody has been closed out for doing so, but there is bad news for the people that hoard points. American Express is going back through and clawing back some of those points that were earned. 

This claw back affects every card that earns MR including personal and business cards and even cobranded cards. The amount of the clawback can range from 10,000 to over 60,000 points.

Final Thoughts

If you have referred yourself to an American Express card, it’s safe to say that you have been warned of a clawback coming. From American Express’ point of view I get it, technically it’s taking advantage of the system. That being said, if they allowed it to happen, why punish the people that took advantage of it? Either way, I think it’s safe to say that when it comes to American Express, try your best not to take advantage of them and you should be safe. If you do, you always risk them doing some action like this. The worst part about clawbacks from Amex is that they will go back years in some cases!

Have you gotten clawed back from American Express? Let us know how many points were taken from you! 

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