American Express Clawing Back Some Points From Hilton Grocery Promotion

American Express is currently offering an opportunity to earn 12x Hilton points by using the Hilton Aspire at grocery stores for a limited time. This promotion is set to run from May 1st until July 31st. However, there seems to have been a delay when it comes to posting the points in some users accounts, and unfortunately, I think we are discovering why that would be the case.

The News

It seems as though American Express is clawing points for people who are currently using this promotion to earn 12x Hilton Honor points. At this point in time, it looks as though only people who have been abusing the promotion by buying a ton of gift cards at grocery stores are the ones that are receiving this clawback.

Some people are reporting that even the points earned legitimately are also being clawed back if there is gift card abuse showing up. This is a different take than the usual “just not earning points on the purchases that don’t qualify” approach that is typically done in the past. 

Final Thoughts

Hard to say how I feel about this. I have to side with American Express if people are just abusing the promotion, and if American Express is just not awarding those gift card purchases with any points. If on the other hand, American Express is just clawing back all of the points, that for me is where I side with the consumers.

At this point in the game, I’m not sure why people even bother buying large amounts of giftcards on American Express cards, as they are the ones doing the major clawbacks. I think it’s unfortunate if people are getting penalized if they just need to buy a gift card and are unaware of the extreme lengths American Express will do to cover themselves from that person. For the people that are just manufactured spending, I think you need to take a look at a different card issuer if that is your goal!

Have you been personally hit by the clawbacks? Let us know your spending that you think got your points removed in the comment section below! The datapoints would definitely help out the community at large.

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