American Express International Airline Program Changes

For those of you that are Platinum and Centurion cardholders, you may be familiar with American Express’ International Airline Program. This program has undergone a few changes throughout the years. Before 2017, cardholders could get a buy one get one free business or first class airline tickets. After 2017, it changed to allow discounts for airline tickets in all classes. 

The Changes

Beforehand, you had to call in to receive these benefits. Last year, American Express added the ability to book these tickets through secured chat. Now it looks like American Express has added the ability to book these flights directly online. One of the advantages of booking online directly is that you are no longer charged a $39 fee for each ticket. 

Something else that’s important to consider is that booking this way through American Express, you are still earning the usual 5x points. Additionally, if you are a business card holder, you receive a 35% rebate on the points used for first and business class flights with a maximum of 500,000 points per year.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these are all positive changes to the program. Not only are you given more options to book these tickets, but you are also earning 5x points, and if using a business card, get a points rebate too. If you are booking online directly, you can even avoid a $39 fee per ticket which is definitely a positive change.

Shame that the program doesn’t offer the buy one get one free ticket anymore, but how sustainable could that offer have been? Besides, discounts don’t sound like a bad thing.

Have you used this program before? What is your experience with it? Let us know below!

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