American Express Launches A New Business Card

We’ve got some news in regards to some business credit cards at American Express. There officially is a new credit card called the Blue Business Cash credit card that you can apply for directly on American Express’ site. Not all is good though, because there was a credit card casualty involved in the launching of this card; there is no longer a SimplyCash credit card. The SimplyCash card used to earn 5% on select categories

The Blue Business Cash Card Summary

Lets focus on the good news here, the Blue Business Cash card. The card will not come with an annual fee. However, the card does not earn a sign up bonus either. The reward categories are earned as follows:

  • 2%: All purchases until you reach the $50,000 cap  
  • 1%: All purchases after reaching the $50,000 cap

Final Thoughts

What’s interesting about this card is that it’s almost exactly like the Blue Business Plus card from American Express. The only difference here is that the card earns cashback instead of membership reward points. I’m not sure how I feel about this card. In order for this card to launch, they needed to get the SimplyCash. While that card wasn’t the most useful card in the first place, it allowed for some variety. With this card, it’s just an exact copy of the Blue Business Plus. The negative here is that 1 cent doesn’t equal one point. If it was a direct comparison, this card should be giving us 4% cashback.

Without the card offering that much, it should be a no brainer that the Blue Business Plus should be the way to go. The requirement for both are the same, so there should be no reason to get this new card over the BBP. 

What do you think about this card? Would you rather get this card or the BBP? Let us know below!

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