American Express Platinum 60,000 Upgrade Offer

American Express is coming with a ton of upgrade offers, aren’t they? If you have a charge card and have been interested in upgrading that card to the Platinum card, check your accounts!

The Offer

These upgrade offers are showing up for some American Express charge cards holders. If you are eligible, you can receive 60,000 membership reward points for spending $3,000 in the first 3 months. Upgrading your account will not create a new account, but just replace the existing card. You will still keep the same credit history and number. 

Optimal Strategy/ Consideration

Keep in mind that American Express has a once in a lifetime rule on its sign up bonuses. This means that once you apply for a credit card and receive the sign up bonus, you can no longer earn the sign up bonus on that card anymore. That’s not to say that you can’t apply and get approved for the card again in the future though. Regardless, the strategy with this sort of rule is getting the absolute best offer you can for every single one of the American Express cards.

Not too long ago, there was an offer for 100,000 points for applying for the Platinum card. It still may be available to you, check that special offer here. If it either isn’t showing up, or if you have had the Platinum card before, then your next best bet would be upgrading the card from a different one, such as the Green or Gold card. If you have already received a sign up bonus for the Platinum card, the upgrade offer could be your best bet in getting even more points. 

Final Thoughts

With American Express’ once in a lifetime rule, sometimes the best way to go is to hop around and get upgrade offers. Some good offers are available time to time, so make sure you keep a look out on your account to maximize these sort of offers from time to time.

The added benefits of course is that you get to keep your history, and things get even better if you have already received the sign up bonus for the card already, but are now eligible for the upgrade offer. 

Just make sure before you take this offer, you check out if you’re eligible for the 100,000 Membership Reward Point offer. That would be the much better play!

What do you think of this offer and the American Express Platinum? Let us know below!

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