American Express Pop Up Not Showing Through Email Link

It’s no secret that credit card companies don’t want people to sign up for one of their credit cards if that person will take advantage of the terms. But, not too long ago, at the expense of your credit score,  it was very very easy to make a ton of money just applying for and canceling credit cards. Since then, there have many different rules added to each credit card company over the last few years that dictate certain time frames when it comes to earning the sign up bonus on certain credit cards. 

While American Express has their once in a lifetime rule, they tried to make it a little easier for people to understand with a simple pop up. This pop up would warn a new credit card applicant if they would not receive a sign up bonus when applying for a certain credit card. This is a good idea in theory, however, as you could imagine, could get a little tricky in practice. 

The Warning

While users have complained about the pop up not showing up for varying reasons in the past, there is a new culprit that you will want to be aware of before signing up for your next American Express credit card. That would be through an email banner. 

If you happen to receive an email from American Express to sign up for a new credit card, and you click the banner, there will be no pop up, whether there should have been or not. 

Final Thoughts

The American Express pop up isn’t necessarily the newest thing, and many of us in the credit card community already know about it. However, for those individuals out there that don’t follow this stuff religiously, it makes it easy to miss out on a bonus. If you thought you would receive a bonus, why wouldn’t you go out of your way to spend the minimum spend on the card? It would only be at that point, over 3 months after you applied that card you would discover you wont be earning a bonus. 

As with any sort of email related thing, I would never click inside the email because you just never know. Emails can be, and are easily faked. It just takes a second of letting your guard down to accidentally click something and have someone steal your information. The smart thing to do in this, and really any email related situation would be to go directly to the website wherever you’re applying for the credit card, or have business with. 

What’s your opinion on the American Express sign up bonus pop up? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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