American Express Rose Gold Available Again for a Limited Time

I think American Express’ campaign to release a limited edition color to their revamped card was one of the most success things someone in the credit card business has done for a while. Not only was the revamp in itself a great offering, but it also incentivizes people to apply quickly, as the limited color is only available for a limited time. If you ask me, the Rose Gold color is probably more poplar than the original Gold! If you missed your chance to get a Rose Gold color’d American Express, fear not, you may have another chance at getting it. 

The News

American Express has made a few significant changes to the Gold card recently, the most notable being 4x points at international restaurants instead of just ones located in the United States. With these changes, American Express decided to make the Rose Gold available again. It will be available in between June 6th to July 17th. 

There is a slight catch though! If you don’t have the card already, you must apply through a referral. Otherwise you will only be given the regular Gold color card. If you already have the card, you can request for one. Alternatively, you if you upgrade/downgrade to the Gold card, you can also ask for a Rose Gold card. 

Final Thoughts

The limited Rose Gold color is one of the smartest things American Express has done in recent times. A ton of people want one, and it being available on a limited time basis only increases the demand. The changes to the card recently really warrant another chance at getting a Rose Gold card. If you want one, you’ll have until July 17th, so get on it!

Which version of the Gold card do you have/want? What do you think of the Gold card changes? Let us know below!

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