American Express Starts Building JFK Lounge

One of the focuses of American Express top travel credit cards is the Centurion Lounges. In order to get into a Centurion Lounge, you must be either a cardholder of the Platinum or Centurion card, or one of their guests. These lounges are typically held to a much higher standard than the typical Priority Pass lounges in most airports. While there are not too many Centurion Lounges worldwide, American Express has been expanding out and adding Centurion Lounges all around the world. The latest one seems to be in JFK.

The News

A couple of weeks back, construction began on the new JFK Centurion lounge. The lounge will be located in terminal 4, and is said to be the biggest Centurion Lounge in the United States at 15,000 square feet. The original plan was for this lounge to be open in the 2019 year, but that is looking unlikely. With construction just beginning, I would expect sometime in the next year. 

Final Thoughts

Currently, Amex Platinum members have access to a couple of different lounges in terminal 4 at JFK including the Delta Flagship Flyclub (when flying Delta), and the Wingtips Lounge. Once this Centurion Lounge opens up, American Express Platinum or Centurion cardholders can access three different lounges!

This is a good thing because terminal 4 at JFK is said to be one of the busiest terminals. Being able to disperse the lounge-going individuals will hopefully help the user experience in all of the lounges.

What do you think of American Express’ Centurion Lounge Expansion? Let us know below!

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