American Express Will Now Let You Enter Centurion Lounges Without Physical Card

 When it comes to lounge access, there are two big names in town, Priority Pass and Centurion Lounges from American Express. For years, if you had a Priority pass membership, you would be able to download the app, and use the in-app card to check into the lounges. American Express would prefer you bring in your physical American Express card. That is, until now.

The Change

Starting in June of 2019, American Express will allow cardholders to enter the Centurion Lounges in the airport without their physical card. The way this works is through the app. You’ll need to “check-in” from the app, and you will be given 30 minutes to actually access the lounge via a QR code. 

Final Thoughts

Really, I’m not sure why American Express would even want to make this change. If we’re being honest, the Priority Pass, outside of the airport lounges is pretty much useless. You only use it a couple of times every time you travel. So having the ability to use the app saves a slot in your wallet. In American Express’ case, the card that you have to have is their credit card. Wouldn’t they want you to have the physical card when you travel so you can spend on it? I guess you could make the case that because it only earns 5x on flight purchases, you could leave it at home during the actual trip. 

Either way, I’m sure a bunch of people asked for it, and frankly their competition gives its users the option to carry the physical card or not (I do when I travel, but that’s just me). If American Express were to hold out this long, why not just keep the policy in place for their interests? I suppose this is better for the consumer though!

Are you going to be traveling with your Platinum card after this change, or just use it to buy flights? Let us know below!

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