Amex Adds Ability to Request a Centurion Card

When it comes to ultimate credit cards, people always think of the Black card from American Express. The Black card is the invitation only credit card that requires you spend a huge amount of money within a year just to get an invitation. Let alone the crazy price to get apply, and the cost of renewal. However, if you’re interested in the card, American Express has a new way to let them know.

The News

If you’re remotely interested in the Black card, American Express has added a new page where you can request an invitation. While the request is free, the card cost $10,000 to be initiated, and $5,000 every single year to renew. If you request an invitation, note that doesn’t mean you’ll actually get an approval, or even an invitation. 

Final Thoughts

The best way you’ll get to have your very own black card is to just spend a lot of money on your Platinum card every single year. We are talking upwards of $250,000 but there is no published amount. If you meet the qualifications, I would imagine American Express would send you an invitation anyway. 

If I had to take a guess, what I imagine is going on here is they are seeking an active list of people that are even remotely interested in a card that is better than the Platinum card. Remember, not too long ago, American Express increased the price of the Black card, leaving a huge pocket of annual fee cards in between the Black and Platinum card. Rumors surfaced of a possible card in between here. Could this be what they’re doing? Only time will tell. 

Have you put your name on the list? What is the response you’ve gotten back? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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