Amex Adds Pay Over Time to Platinum Cards

Do you currently carry a Platinum card around? Have you ever been annoyed at the thought the Green and Gold card users can pay their charges over time but you can’t? You’re stuck to having to pay your charges at the end of every month like the usual charge card, right? Well, it looks like American Express may be making a change that could benefit you.

The News

American Express has added the “Pay Over Time” and “Pay It Plan It” features to their Platinum card.

Final Thoughts

When I first heard this news I was actually more surprised that American Express has never actually offered it on the Platinum card. I’ve heard about it on the Green and the Gold card and just assumed that it was also something that some Platinum cardholders were seeing.

Due to the nature of charge cards, I wonder if American Express just assumes that people who hold the Platinum card have a much larger disposable income, and therefore don’t need the feature? This move does coincide with American Express’ newer attitude that the Membership Reward cards are actually credit cards, and not charge cards. If we’re being honest, even if you don’t ever pay anything overtime, at least having the option isn’t a negative thing at all.

I wonder if the Centurion card will also get these features added in?

Are you excited to see this feature being offered on the Platinum card? Or do you think it’s a little silly, being their premium card? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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