Amex and Nova Partner – Use International Credit History to Get Amex Cards

If you were ever interested in moving from the United States, you may have heard of a program American Express offers called the Global Card Transfer program. This program allows you to move to a different country and allows you to retain your credit cards with American Express, or at the very least, have your credit history be considered in your new country. 

This program is great and all, but what if you were moving to the United States from a different country? It takes more than 6 months to generate a FICO score, and it would be just like starting completely from scratch. 

The New Partnership

For those that live in either the United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Canada, and Australia, and want to move to the United States, you may be in luck. American Express has partnered with Nova. Nova s able to bring in your international credit history in order to get American Express cards that are more suited to your existing credit situation instead of starting new again.

Final Thoughts

While I’ve always thought that American Express cards are actually really easy to get, there’s no doubt that it takes a while to generate a score in the first place. When you move to a different country, you typically need to start all over again, so it’s nice to see programs out there that allow you to show issuers like American Express that you’re experienced enough to handle their cards right out the gate. That will definitely save you from having to get cards with unusable limits or even secured cards. 

For those of you that currently live in the United States, and want to move to a different country, take a look into the Global Card Transfer Program. Otherwise, I think partnerships like these are beneficial all around and hope to see more companies follow suit. 

Have you used either program? What was your experience with it? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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