Amex and PayPal/Venmo Partnership

Whenever you go out with friends, how is the bill generally paid? Do you like to get separate checks, or does one person generally pay for the entire bill, and then that person sends out Venmo requests to the other parties involved? For the last couple of years, I’ve done the later, and actually use Venmo to do so. Instead of tabulating the totals, and having to re-enter your fingerprint and/or pin every single time you move off of Venmo, American Express has got you covered.

The Partnership

If you go ahead and link your PayPal and/or Venmo account to your American Express account, you can add requests directly inside of the American Express app. That way, you can split charges to your friends to cover the charges you placed on your Amex card. 

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure exactly how intuitive the process is just yet. My experience doing it through Venmo is that it can be a little annoying to figure out exactly how much each person owes you and having to charge them all. It gets even more annoying when the bill will not be split evenly, but is instead itemized per person. 

Still, there’s nothing wrong with using your cards to rack up some extra points… as long as you know your friends will pay you back and you aren’t stuck with the bill! Let’s hope that this process makes it easier for users of both platforms.

Have you used this feature before? What is your experience with it? Does it make more sense to do it this new way, or is it more cumbersome that just using the apps directly? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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