Amex Green Card No Longer Accepting Applications – New Design Announced

Can it be? Is it finally be happening? I think it might be! Back in February of this year, not too long after the highly successful Gold card revamp, we heard rumors that American Express wanted to also give that revamp attention to the Green card. A move like that would make complete sense because the Green card is one of the most useless cards in Amex’s portfolio. It’s great for a “downgrade” path from the Gold or Platinum card, but even so, you’d still be stuck paying an annual fee. Still, there has been a pretty exciting development involving this card. 

The News + Partnership/Redesign

As of September 10th, American Express is no longer accepting new applications for the Green card. We can only assume that the Green card is not being completely removed, and actually will go through a redesign.

That thought process can be confirmed due to the announcement a week later with a picture of how the redesigned card would look.

Image From American Express

These newer cards feature a contactless logo, a new shade of green, and will made from recycled plastic. 

Rumored Changes

Let’s hope those are not the only changes coming to the Green card! Actually, it was rumored a while back that American Express was looking into adding some new categories to the card. Currently, the card has a 2x on travel booked through Amextravel, and 1x for every other purchase. The rumors are stating 4x for Gas purchases, and 3x for streaming services.  

Additionally, there may be some sort of partnership with Amazon and its Prime service. We are all hoping for a free Amazon Prime membership, however, that would definitely raise the annual fee on the card, so we’ll see what ends up happening there. 

Final Thoughts

As it stands now, the Green card is one of their most useless cards that they carry. If it didn’t have an annual fee, I could understand the lack of exciting categories. However with an annual fee, it’s pretty ridiculous that it doesn’t offer more. The Green was great to downgrade some other charge cards to, but it has that annual fee without much benefit.

At least American Express realized that this is the sort of sentiment most people have towards this credit card and is doing something about it. The new design does look nice, and it’s neat they are offering it with recycled plastic. Let’s hope the reward categories are true, as that would make American Express have quite the setup! Hopefully we’ll see a no annual fee downgrade path? One could only hope.

What do you think about these rumors about the Green card? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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