Amex May Soon Launch Titanium and Black Charge Card

At the end of 2019, American Express are some major changes to the Centurion Card. The most shocking change of course, (for those of us that can’t afford it, like me) is the increase in both the initiation fee, and the annual fee. If you want to apply for this card, you’ll need $10,000 ready to go, and then an additional $5,000 every single year. That’s quite a lot! But more importantly, with the annual fee of the Platinum card only at $550, that leaves a humongous gap in between the annual fee of these two cards.

Potential Cards

Ever since the changes on the Centurion card were announced, there have been rumors of a card that would have an annual fee in between this and the Platinum. Well, a vendor may have accidentally given us some insight as to what we may see in the coming year. They are being listed as the Titanium card, and a Black Charge Metal card. Features of the cards include:

  • Titanium: MagStripe/Contactless Chip
  • Black Charge Metal Card: Mag Stripe, Contactless, and Dual Interface

Final Thoughts

Well, to be honest with you there isn’t much info here about the cards. We obviously don’t know anything like the actual annual fee, the reward categories, or any other benefits the cards may offer. However, what this leak shows us is that American Express is planning not 1, but two different cards in between the Platinum and Centurion cards. 

While I’m currently not running an American Express setup, I’m curious to see how these new cards would impact things, with regards to a setup. Let’s hope we get something that is very worthwhile.

Do you have a wishlist of what you want to see on the Titanium or Black Charge card? Let us know your dream Amex setup in the comment section below. 

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