Amex Offering Some $15 Credit for Uber Rides

When it comes to the top tier travel related credit cards, the Platinum card from American Express is the most dependent on the travel related credits to justif its annual fee. The Platinum card has airline incidental credits and Uber credits. Together, those make up $400 of the Platinum’s $550 annual fee. With the travel section on a pause, what can you do if you have to pay the $550 annual fee for a card you can’t use effectively? 

The News

The Platinum card likes to break up its credits into as many installments as possible. In Uber’s case, that would mean $15 every month, except for December, where it’s increased to $35. Still, this credit comes in the form of Uber credit directly, and not in the form of a rebate after using Uber.

It looks like, some people (not very many) have gotten lucky and have been able to get a $15 statement credit instead of the Uber credit for the month of March. This was applied directly to their American Express account.

Final Thoughts

In reality, I think American Express is the most invested in travel when it comes to the big credit cards out there. They rely the most on the travel credits to get by, and unfortunately for them this year, they may have to pay for that. Because travel is on lockdown, not too many people can even use Uber. This makes a statement credit seem much more reasonable than Uber cash.

I do like this approach, if it were continued on a larger scale. American Express could really make its users happy if the cash did not expire this month, what if it were extended out another month or two? I know if I had the Platinum card, I’d be much more willing to keep it long term. 

As an alternative, for those that are on a shelter in place lockdown, you can always use the Uber credit for Ubereats. At least that can break up some of the repetitiveness that cooking at home brings.

What do you think about American Express offering this statement credit? Do you think they should just extend out the Uber credit for another month or two? Or do you think that it’s too easy to just use it for Ubereats instead? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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