Amex Platinum Cardholders Can still Access Lufthansa Lounges in Frankfurt and Munich

One of the best benefits of the American Express Platinum cards is the focus on lounge access. In addition to Priority pass, having the Platinum or Centurion card gives you access to American Express’ own Centurion lounges. Depending on the airport, you can also access different airline lounges based on your ticket as well. One of those examples was the Lufthansa lounge in both Frankfurt and Munich if you had a ticket for Lufthansa, Swiss, or Austrian. Depending on which class you had a ticket for, dictates which Lufthansa lounge you had access to.  

The News

Originally, the Lufthansa lounge was no longer going to accept American Express Platinum and Centurion cardholders after certain dates. The Lufthansa   Lounge in Frankfurt was going to stop accepting these cardholders on March 31st, whereas Munich was going to stop accepting on May 31st. These dates have been extended to October 31st, 2019 for both Frankfurt and Munich.  

Final Thoughts

For American Express Platinum and Centurion cardholders, this is great news as it allows cardholders to still access these lounges. I haven’t been to Munich, but the Lufthansa lounge is Frankfurt is pretty nice! 

We will see what happens after October 31st, I wonder if American Express will offer any other type of benefit to compensate for losing the lounge access. Maybe we’ll see it being extended out? Or maybe they’ll open up their own lounge? 

What do you think of the Lufthansa lounge access for Platinum cardholders? Let us know below!

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