Amex Sending “Annual Fee Appreciation Credit” for Business Cards

When to comes to the company most impacted by travel related credit cards with high annual fees, American Express takes the cake. They just have so many cards in this threshold, both on the person and business side. I think they know if they don’t do something, they will be hit with waves of people weighing the benefits of the cards, and most likely canceling. Well, American Express is making a change that I think anyone with one of these cards can appreciate.

The News

If you have one of these business credit cards, and pay your annual fee, American Express may give out a partial refund, as an “annual fee appreciation credit”. This is determined by American Express at their discretion. Though it looks to be for cards with annual fees hitting between May 1st and December 31st. They are also expecting 8-12 weeks after renewal by the time you get your credit. Below you will find the cards with their annual fees, plus how much of a credit you can expect.  

  • Delta Skymiles Reserve Business ($550): $125 credit
  • Delta Platinum Business ($250): $75 credit
  • Marriott Bonvoy Business ($125): $50 credit
  • Hilton Business ($95): $50 credit
  • Platinum Business ($595): $200 credit

Final Thoughts

I think this is pretty good news for those that have one of these cards. While it isn’t guaranteed that you will get this credit, I have a feeling that most people will get these. Why only offer it to some and not all? These are the business accounts after all, and not the personal cards. Let’s hope that we can get some sort of “appreciation” on the personal cards too!

Have you received notice that you’ll get an appreciation credit? Let us know which cards and how much you typically spend in a year on the card in the comment section below!

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