Amex Targeting Businesses to Open up a Second Business Platinum

In light of the RAT team cracking down on any form of abuse – whether explicitly against the rules or not, I would advise caution against American Express. That being said, it almost suspicious who they are targeting now.

The News

If you happen to have a business, and have a Business Platinum, American Express may be wanting to target you for an additional Platinum card. Not in the form of an authorized user, but an actual second Platinum card. 

American Express has sent out physical mailers offering a tiered sign up bonus if you open up a second Platinum card. The first 50,000 points comes in the form of spending $10,000 within the first 3 months. The remaining 25,000 points comes from spending an additional $10,000 within the first 3 months. 

Final Thoughts

I think it is a little suspicious that American Express is doing this. Is the RAT team at American Express going to be annoyed, and claw back anything? All I’m saying is that I would advise caution, even if it’s coming directly from American Express. 

That being said, there is a possible reason American Express is doing this. If a business has 1 Platinum card, and the remaining employees have employee cards, that means two things. The employees do not have the same benefits as the original card holder, and two, American Express is not collecting the maximum amount they could for having 2 annual fees instead of 1. An additional $595 times many second businesses, could be a lot of extra revenue for American Express. 

What do you think about this bizarre set of actions from American Express? Would you go for it, or are you worried what the RAT will do at a later date? Let us know your thoughts down below. 

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