Amtrak Card Adds New Food and Beverage Rebates

When it comes to credit cards with valuable points, they almost exclusively belong to the companies who issue the cards themselves. One of the best examples of that is the Amtrak credit card, which just added another reason to keep the card long term. 

The Changes

While the Amtrak card is card that earns some valuable points, there was no incentive to buy anything one you actually got on the Amtrak train itself. That is, until now.

  • Platinum Mastercard holders: 10% Rebate on food and beverages purchases on Amtrak trains
  • World Mastercard holders: 20% Rebate on food and beverage purchases on Amtrak trains

Amtrak Credit Card Recap

The standard sign up bonus on the card is 20,000 points for spending $2,500, however for a limited time, there is a 40,000 point sign up bonus. The World Mastercard Amtrak card comes with a $79 annual fee. For that annual fee, you also get 3x back on Amtrak, 2x on travel, and 1x on every other purchase. The points themselves can be worth a ton if you redeem them for tickets, anywhere from 2.56-2.9 cents per point. 

Final Thoughts

While this new change may not be a big deal to some, I think this just makes a good card even greater and more complete. For those out there that ride Amtrak regularly, the points on this card can be worth quite a lot, so it makes sense to use this card for those sort of purchases. It gets better when you actually get rewarded for buying food and beverages on board.

What do you think about this change to the card? Does it make it more desirable if you don’t already have it? Let us know below!

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