Amtrak Increased Sign Up Bonus

The Amtrak credit card, issued by Bank of America has an increased sign up bonus for a limited time.

The Offer

The standard offer on the card is for 20,000 points after spending $1,000 in the first 3 months. The bonus that is showing up now is similar, 20,000 points for spending $1,000. However, you can also get a statement credit of $100.

The Amtrak points themselves are pretty valuable, and can be broken down into two categories, Non-Acela tickets and Acela tickets. The non-Acela points are worth 2.9 cents each, and the Acela points are worth 2.56 cents per point. 

Final Thoughts

The Amtrak card can be the perfect card to have on hand if you live in the Northeast United States, and use the service often. It earns 3x points on Amtrak purchases, 2x on all other travel expenses, and 1x everywhere else. It also comes with some neat perks like a complimentary companion coupon, a class upgrade, and a single day ClubAcela pass. It also lets you get a 5% point rebate when using Amtrak to redeem points. 

The sign up bonus on the Amtrak card gets modified pretty often, in fact, it was recently at an all time high of 30,000 points. While this offer is better than the standard offer, it isn’t quite as valuable as the 30,000 points offer. The points are worth quite a lot, at 2.9 cents for the non-Acela tickets. If you can wait for a while, I would suggest waiting until there’s the 30,000 point offer again. If you’re more in a rush to get the card, then it may be worth signing up now, while you can secure an additional $100. 

What do you think about this increased offer from Amtrak? Let us know below!

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