Amtrak No Annual Fee Credit Card Increased Sign Up Bonus

The Amtrak portfolio is such an underrated one! To the surprise of many, the points earned on the card are actually quite valuable at 2.5 cents per point (TPG)! They can be worth a ton if used in the correct way. So with an increased offer on the No annual fee card, is it hopping on?

The Offer

Bank of America is offering an increased sign up bonus on the Amtrak card with no annual fee. The offer stands at 20,000 Amtrak points with a $100 statement credit after spending a total of $1,000 within the first 3 months.

Card Summary

The card comes with a $0 annual fee. The reward structure is as follows:

  • 2x on Amtrak purchases
  • 1x on all other purchases

In addition to the reward categories, it also comes with a 10% rebate for all onboard food and beverages. Additionally there is a complimentary companion coupon, One-Class Upgrade, and a single day ClubAcela pass. Finally, you’ll get a 5% rebate when booking Amtrak with points.

Final Thoughts

The standard offer on this card is 12,000 + $100 statement credit, so this is obviously a better deal. Technically speaking right now, the annual fee card is offering only 20,000 points without the statement credit, so it would be a better deal to go for the no annual fee card.

However, the annual fee card may be the better card if you plan to use Amtrak frequently. Alternatively, that card has seen an offer as high as 40,000 points + $100 statement credit. So if you can wait for that offer, I would recommend going for that. If you can’t afford it after the first year, you could always downgrade to the no annual fee card.

With this new offer, which card do you think offers the better value? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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