Amtrak Points Now Expire After 24 Months

If you have been looking at the Amtrak credit card from Bank of America, with its increased sign up bonus, or if you have had an Amtrak account for a long time, there has been a change that has been made to the accounts that you should be aware of. 

The News

The worst kind of news is bad news, and more often than not, that is what we end up reporting. This is one of those times. It seems that if your Amtrak account has been inactive for 24 months, you will now lose your points. Previously, the rule was 36 months.

The worst part about it is that there was the way in this was announced. There was no warning for the change, and it was announced in their terms and conditions that just about nobody reads. 

Final Thoughts

A lot of businesses are moving in the direction of having points expire and I don’t like that to begin with. However, if you do have that sort of system in place, some common courtesy would be to let people know about it. While it may not be too comparable, I think Regal cinema does a great job at letting you know about points expiring. Their points expire after 1 year, and it will tell you how many points will expire and by what date. 

Amtrak on the other hand seems to be doing some sketchy things in order to have peoples points expire without them knowing. If they at least let their reward members know ahead of time in a place other than the terms and conditions, I wouldn’t be so harsh. The way it stands now is a little ridiculous. 

Is this negative change a deal breaker to you, or do you use Amtrak enough to where this isn’t a big deal? When was the last time you’ve read any terms and conditions fully? Let us know below!

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