Apple Card Offering Sign Up Bonus Via Panera

One of the most unique things about the Apple credit card is the lack of a sign up bonus. While most credit card companies offer an incentive to pick up the card, Apple and Goldman Sachs thought they didn’t really need to pay the acquisition cost. Afterall, many people are just picking up the card based on Apple’s reputation, and that it looks cool right?

Well, lately they have been lowkey offering limited sign up bonuses. There is a new offer up right now.

The Offer

When signing up for the Apple card, spend $50 at Panera Bread through Apple Pay and you will receive $50 back. Make sure to sign up for this offer before October 14th!

Final Thoughts

This isn’t the first sort of deal that we’ve seen set up in the exact same way. We’ve also seen spend $50 and earn $50 back from Walgreens and from using Apple Services. If you are actually using Apple Services, that seems like the best deal. However, deals like these aren’t bad either.

While I think $50 is a little low for a sign up bonus, at least it’s better than nothing that they’ve been offering. What’s annoying to me is how specific these sign up bonuses are. While I’ve been to both Panera Bread and Walgreens, I don’t usually go to either. This seems more like a Costco sample of earning free food or services at Walgreens. I would prefer if the spend was more general, or even if they offered more Apple specific sign up bonuses, like a discount when buying Apple products or something like that.

How do you feel about this offer? Would you stock up on the mac and cheese or something else at Panera? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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