Apple Is Offering Another Limited Time Offer Sign Up Bonus

Has much as I like to hate Apple for different reasons, the way that they have handled their newer credit card with Goldman Sachs has been a pretty interesting one. Instead of offering general categories for their rewards, they instead opted to go for partnering with individual companies. Instead of offering a sign up bonus, they instead decided to ride the way of public opinion to get people interested in their cards.

At least, until last month, where they offered an indirect and time limited sign up bonus with Walgreen’s. It looks like they are continuing the trend of offering another indirect and time limited sign up bonus!

The Offer

For those people that open the card in between July 1st and July 31st, Apple is giving you the ability to earn $50. All you have to do is use the Apple card for any Apple service within the first 30 days. Apple services include : Apple Music, TV+, App Store Purchases and more.

Final Thoughts

Well, for a card that doesn’t officially offer a sign up bonus, it looks like they are trying to offer some sort of bonus for people to sign up! Not too long ago, Apple had an offer at Walgreens that also acted as a temporary sign up bonus. Now, we are getting another dose of that, expect this time, the offer is only available for Apple related products. Without a minimum amount, I’m sure that apps or even songs which cost as little as $0.99 will trigger this credit. 

At this point, why doesn’t Apple just officially add in a $50 sign up bonus though? Or if they want to continue to offer this sort of promotion, where the money is at least going back to Apple, it wouldn’t be too bad. I just don’t see the point in making this time limited, especially if they just recently offered another promotion very similar to this last month. At the very least, it’s an easy $50 for those of you that are interested in the card.

What do you think about this offer? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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