Apple Offering A Temporary Sign Up Bonus For Walgreens

Just when you thought that Apple would never succumb to such trivial market strategies such as a sign up bonus (because, why would they need to?), you would be mistaken! 

The Offer

Apple is now offering a bonus of $50 if you apply for the Apple credit card and spend $50 at Walgreens within 30 days of account opening. Unfortunately, this is more of a timed sign up bonus, with the offer being valid until only June 30th.

Final Thoughts

Ok so Apple finally decided to have some sort of sign up bonus for its card, so now bloggers like myself can finally get off their back about not having a sign up bonus, right?? Not quite. While the offer itself is pretty good, basically netting you a free $50 worth of stuff from Walgreens, it isn’t that great of an offer! It’s not even going to be a permanent offer, expiring in one month.

Maybe I’m not the target demographic here (I’m not), but still, don’t we all get excited about sign up bonuses? It definitely has enticed me to open up cards before, and if they are good enough, I’ll use them long term. You can check out our full review, but I just don’t think that its too great of a card in general. That being said, if you were interested in picking up the Apple card anyway, this is a great time to get a “sign up bonus” and get a free $50 worth of stuff. I’m curious to see if any other company will team up with Apple to offer their own sign up bonus.

Is there any company you would like to see partner up with in the future? Let us know down in the comment section below. 

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