Chase Sapphire Reserve Review

Introduction 2016 marked a very big year for Chase with the launch of the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Until then, their travel card of choice was the Chase Sapphire Preferred. That card was enough of a pioneer in the credit card world when it launched a decade ago. The big draw of course was that the […]

Charge Card vs Credit Card

The term credit card is a very popular one, just about everybody has heard of that! But you may have heard the term charge card recently and have been left scratching your head. What’s the difference exactly? Charge Card Charge cards were actually the original form of credit cards. Instead of using cash or a […]

Cashback vs Points/Miles

Money With House

When it comes to credit card rewards, there are two things you could earn, either cashback or points/miles. Both systems are great! It’s especially good when compared to the alternative of earning nothing, or very close to nothing for all of your purchases. But which one is better for you? Cashback Cashback is just like […]

Hard Inquiry vs Soft Inquiry

If you take a look at what makes up a FICO credit score, you’ll notice that inquiries/recent credit makes up 10% of that score. An inquiry is basically where a bank or any other institution takes a look at your credit report. Depending on how they do it, they can either get general information, or […]

JetBlue Business Card Offering 60k Points Sign Up Bonus

When it comes to airlines that we should talk about more but don’t really consider, JetBlue is at the top of that list. I’ve always had pretty good experiences with them. If you share the sentiment, and are in the market for a business credit card, JetBlue is offering a very good deal.  The Offer […]

Citi American Airlines Business 75k Miles Increased Sign Up Bonus

American Airlines Landing

When it comes to American Airlines, there are a ton of different options you have when you’re picking a credit card. For starters, you could go either the Citi or Barclays route. Then from there, you could go either personal or business. If you are looking for a business credit card, this may be the […]

Synchrony’s New 2% Credit Card – Max Plusmore

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Are you looking for a 2% credit card, but are tired of the boring mundane PayPal card or Citi DoubleCash? What if you were to get something so exclusive, it still isn’t even available publicly yet? Look no further than the Max Plusmore The News While we have heard of people getting mailers for this […]

American Express Ameriprise Platinum Discontinued – Visa Now

When it comes to American Express, their most popular credit card has to be the Platinum card. It’s their most expensive annual fee card that most people can actually get. Different companies out there even have their own version of it, with additional perks that are curated to them. There’s some interesting news in the […]

American Airlines Creates SimplyMiles Offers

American Airlines

Are you an American Airlines credit card holder? It doesn’t matter if it’s a Barclays or a Citi credit card, but American Airlines has introduced a new program for you to get some more value out of your credit card! The Program If you have an American Airlines credit card, you can sign up for […]

Increased Offers on the Delta Skyclub Cards from American Express

We recently wrote about Delta making changes to all of their American Express cards coming in 2020. Even though all of them saw a price increase, and are losing benefits (exception being the Blue card), American Express is offering you an increased incentive to sign up for the cards. The Offers Gold: 60,000 miles after […]