Shopping Cart Trick To Get Approved for Credit Cards / Better Offers

As unfortunate as it may be, sometimes some of us get into a credit rut. Starting fresh with a new credit report is easy to fix into something really spectacular if you go about it the right way. When it comes to rebuilding credit though, its much harder to go about it. It’s possible that […]

Business Credit Card 101 – How To Get Approved For Your First Card

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When it comes to credit cards, there are a few differently levels of credit cards. As an individual person, you are probably familiar with consumer credit cards, but there are also credit cards targeted towards business, and for large companies, there are corporate credit cards. For this article, we are going to discuss business credit […]

Why Credit Cards With Annual Fees Can Be Worth It

When I first got into credit cards, I thought it was really dumb to pay an annual fee. Why would I pay to have a credit card? I’m already paying every time I use the card! Granted, this thought process also came at a time when money was much tighter than it is now. However, […]

How to Get 3x Credit Limit Increases on American Express

You just got a shiny new American Express credit card, but is the credit limit a little bit too small for your liking? If you’re willing to give it some time, it is actually pretty easy to grow it a large degree. Even better, you wont be getting those dirty hard inquiries on your credit […]

Upgrading and Downgrading Credit Cards

You may not even realize it, but you actually are not stuck with the credit card(s) that you currently have. Depending on the card you hold, you may be able to upgrade/downgrade the card to something that’s more useful, or more economical for you.  Why Upgrading or downgrading Cards May Be Worth It The two […]

How To Transfer Points Over to Transfer Partners

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We’ve learned that the best way to travel with the use of credit cards is by earning and using points. But when it comes time to take a vacation or to travel for business, what’s the best way to do it, and how do we actually go about doing it?   Why You Would Want […]

How to Turn Cashback Into Ultimate Reward Points

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The debate between cashback and credit card points is one that will go on until the end of time. There is one fact and benefit that is indisputable though, and that is if you want to travel, or use your points for traveling, then you are much better earning points and miles. With a Chase […]

How to Dispute Something on Your Credit Report

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As Americans, a large part of our adult life is dictated by our credit score. It would be in our best interest then, to make sure that everything on there is supposed to be there, or is showing correctly. Any sort of inaccuracies or negative information can wreck havoc on the FICO algorithm. So if […]

All Zero Except One Method of Maximizing Your Credit Score

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At one point or another we are going to need to apply for something where our credit score is required. A new credit card, a personal loan, or even a mortgage all require a credit check. So what is the best method on maximizing your credit score before you apply? The All Zero Except One […]

Capital One Opening Up Lounge at IAD in 2021

Be honest. When you read this headline, did you think it was true? Or better yet, did you think Capital One would be the second credit card company to open an airport lounge? Honestly, I’m pretty shocked by this development. The News Capital One has won a bid to open up an airport lounge in […]