Wyndham Increased Sign Up Bonus + Annual Fee Waived

Wyndham usually doesn’t make the top of our list when it comes to offering a  hotel credit card, but maybe it should. Even better, there is a more valuable sign up bonus available to the general public.  The Offer The Sign up bonus is 45,000 points if you can spend $1,000 within the first 3 […]

Hilton Offers Extra 2-3x Points on Hotels for a Limited Time

Hilton Hotel

While their points may not be worth the most, the way you can earn points at Hilton properties can get pretty crazy. Their $450 Hilton credit card gives you 14 points per dollar for crying out loud! But now, Hilton wants to make it even sweeter, for all of us. The Offer Make sure to […]

Capital One Business Cards $1,000 (Targeted) Offer

Handshake with Business Partner

In the traditional sense, the great appeal for having a business credit card is so to easily separate out your personal and business expenses. However, this may be a case of the second reason to get a business credit card, and that is a very rewarding sign up bonus! The Offer Keep in mind, that […]

Chase Adds Emirates as a Transfer Partner

When you do something a more and more, you tend to down play how big of an accomplishment something may be. When you have 10 transfer partners, is the 11th one the biggest deal? Chase doesn’t seem to think so, as there was any sort of formal announcement of this deal from either party! The […]

American Express Platinum Card 100k Targeted Offer

The best thing you can do when you sign up for an American Express card is to apply for the highest possible offer. This is due to their once in a lifetime rule, which states you can only get the signup bonus on a card one time per lifetime. With that being said, what if […]

Chase Freedom /Freedom Unlimited Increased Sign Up Bonus

While it’s a lot more exciting to talk about Chase’s Sapphire Reserve, there wouldn’t be a Chase trifecta without the two core cards, the Freedom and the Freedom Unlimited. Both freedom cards are great for handling the large bulk of your credit card purchases. It wouldn’t be a bad thing then, if they are both […]

Targeted American Express Spending Offers

Sign up bonuses are just so great, aren’t they? All you have to do is spend money you would already be spending anyway, and you get a bit of a rebate for that spend. In some cases, the sign up bonus can be incredibly valuable, to the point where they fund a vacation! What happens […]

The United Club Card Now Has a 25% Rebate on In Flight Purchases

The United Club card has a whopping $450 annual fee, and offers a slew of different benefits. The most obvious benefit of course includes access to the United Club lounges. Yet, there are some key things that were really keeping this card from being the desirable card it could be.  The Change We are seeing […]

Chase Pay App Closing in Early 2020

One of the biggest crazes in technology in 2018 involved different payment methods. Specifically, every company wanted to get some market share of having their own “pay” app. Chase, funny enough, was actually one of their first ones to market. However, that didn’t really do them much good, as their method of payment was a […]

Citi Loses Garuda Indonesia As a Transfer Partner

Can I just ask the simple question, what is Citi doing?? While there are glimmers of good news from them here and there, we just keep getting bad news. It looks like travel protections isn’t the only thing they are losing, but the are also losing transfer partners!  The News This one was a little […]