Bank of America Cash Rewards Offer to Double Points Through September 1st

Bank of America’s Cash Reward card follows a useful 3-2-1 setup. For the 3% category it gives you the choice of picking the category that’s the most useful to you, it offers 2% back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs, and 1% back for every other purchase. For a limited time, you may be able to earn 3% back at more places!

The Offer

For Cash Reward cardholders, Bank of America is offering double points at office supply, electronic, and discount stores (including online purchases). This comes out to a total of 3% back for any of these places. There is a maximum of a $100 bonus, and the offer ends September 1st. 

Just for reference sake, outside of the obvious stores, Target and Walmart do count in this promotion.

It’s important to note that just having the card does not mean you’re automatically enrolled in the offer, you must activate it to receive the benefits. In order to see if you’re eligible for this offer, check your email and maybe spam folders!

Final Thoughts

If you wanted to maximize the $100 that this offer provides, you would have to spend a total of $3,333 at these places. If you wanted to stock up on a new TV or computer monitor, and a Herman Miller chair at electronic stores, you would be pretty close to the limit! That being said, I think it’s a lot to spend within the timeframe of 1 month, unless you already had a big purchase lined up. But hey, even if you aren’t able to max it out completely, there’s nothing wrong with earning 3% back at one of these places where you would have normally earned anywhere from 1-2% max.

What do you think about this promotion? Is this a card you would use to get 3% back at these places? Let us know down in the comment section below.

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