Bank of America Premium Rewards Cardholders Get $50 Statement Credit

There has been a big push for credit card companies to offer incentives or rewards for cardholders of travel related cards with annual fees. It is in their best interest if we keep paying that high annual fee every single year! While the $450+ market has been pretty forgiving as far as credits, I think Bank of America’s latest move has been the best in the ~$95 market.

The News

Bank of America is offering a $50 credit on their Premium Rewards credit card. The $50 credit is an open and public offering, available to anyone with the Premium Rewards card. The credit is eligible for: grocery spending and dining. This offer is valid until December 31st of 2020.

This offer is even available for new card members too. It is unclear if this will change in the future, or if Bank of America will keep this available until the December 31st date.

Final Thoughts

This is actually a pretty nice thing that Bank of America is doing! The Premium Rewards credit card has a $95 annual fee. With the $50 credit, that would bring it down to just $45. The fact that they even extending this offer to new cardholders is a pretty nice treat too.

If you were ever interested in the Premium Rewards card, this could be the best time to grab it, and get the $50 credit as soon as you can! After the credit, there is still a $100 airline fee credit that could give you some real value for having this card!

Have you used this offer? Let us know down in the comment section all about the $50 credit from your point of view.

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