Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Launches Flight Cents Program

The AA cards from both Citi and Barclay’s have went through some pretty big changes lately including losing the ability to get a rebate when you redeem your AA points. For those AA enthusiasts out there, there is a new feature available for the AAdvantage card that may be of interest to you. 

The Program Details

The new feature available on the card is called Flight Cent. Basically, you can set up your AAdvantage card to round up purchases similar to the feature available on Acorns. Instead of investing into your Acorns account, for every cent that the AAdvantage card rounds up, it will “buy” 0.5 AA points, basically netting you a point for every two cents that it rounds up. 

Final Thoughts

If we take a look at TPG’s valuation for American Airline points, we would see the points are valued at about 1.4 cents per point. This is much less then what you would end up buying through the Flight Cents program at two cents per point. Mathematically then, it doesn’t really make much sense to use this feature of the card. However, if you are a big AA person, and love using the card everywhere you go, maybe this feature would be for you if you need some extra points here and there.

Do you think this program is worth using? Let us know below!

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